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Zidane Spin Move

Zidane is dearly missed in the game of soccer today. Is there another soccer player who can really even compare to him? I just don't think so. Let's take a look at Zidane's famous spin move that he loved to pull off and surprise defenders as he quickly escaped from pressure.

Yes, Messi and Ronaldo are both incredible players, but Zidane played the game of soccer with such a grace and an elegance - making the game look easy and simple, as though it was all just a stroll in the park for him. It was as if Zidane saw the game of soccer three or four moves ahead of everyone else on the field, with eyes in the back of his head.

But what Zidane is perhaps most famous for, besides, and rather unfortunately, the infamous head butt, is the spin move or roulette move. A soccer skill that he pulled off nearly every game despite other teams and or players knowing he was going to do this spin move at some point in the game..

Zidane: "I have a need to play intensely every day, to fight every match hard."

Dribbling the soccer ball is nothing more than moving with the ball across the field. It is used to relocate a player into a desirable spot where he can shoot or pass the ball. What transforms this skill into an art are the defenders who constantly try to limit the options of the player with the ball. Players like Zidane can make defenders look silly when they try to take the ball from him.

How to move with the ball
When dribbling, the ball must always be under control. You always have to be the person with most immediate access to it. Dribbling is done with the inside, outside, instep, and sole of your foot. When you want to pickup speed do not kick the ball farther away, instead, move your feet quicker thus pushing the ball more frequently.

360 Move by Zinedine Zidane
In this move Zizou finds himself in between two players and does his famous 360 spin. Notice how he shields the ball from the defender on the right by simply putting his foot on top of the ball. This attracts the other fullback. At that time, all Zidane has to do is turn to avoid him.

See more at:  Expert Football

Watch Zidane Videos:

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