Mindset and Sports

When coaches and athletes come together to participate in an activity, their mindset is just as important as their physical capabilities on the field of play.

Bob Kawabe, also known as “Coach Bob”, pictured above on the left, with Chas Cooke from Coerver Coaching, takes us through his thoughts on Mindset and Sports.  Mr. Kawabe is a highly successful business leader and motivational coach.

Bob’s mission statement, “Touch lives to give hope, define purpose and help realize dreams”, really resonates with his true purpose in life.

It is by no mistake that Bob continually finds ways to share his passion for others and often does it through sport.  And fortunately for us, his favorite sport is soccer, which is where he has a lot to share.

The first in a series of mindset subjects from Bob begins here, and the focus is not what you might expect when you first consider your mindset in sport.

It is Failure.  Click here to read more.