Soccer Passing Drills

Why youth soccer coaches need to teach Rondos

Passing in soccer is one of the most fundamental parts of the game. Every pass is different and requires players to learn different ways in which a pass can be made in a game. To teach players to improve their team passing coaches rely on Rondos.

Rondos are widely used by the best professional coaches and clubs in the world, with them being credited as the “most significant and important part of Guardiola’s training ground routines”. “Every training session at Man City, at Barcelona and at Bayern begins with a Rondo”, they are a “fundamental part of the development of Guardiola’s teams” (Tifo Football 2018).

No other training exercises compare to Rondos in terms of their ability to improve so many parts of a player’s individual skill and team-play simultaneously. Barcelona manager and ex-player under Pep, Xavi Hernandez, described them as “the best exercise. You learn responsibility and learn not to lose the ball”. The Coerver Rondo program demystifies the drills and exercises used by the footballing world’s elite and offers them to coaches at all levels.

How to teach your team to play effective possession soccer

The Coerver Rondo program is designed to help teach your side to retain possession of the ball, build team chemistry, and help your team to play with confidence and precision. Rondos are a crucial addition to regular training sessions as they develop players’ speed, coordination and ball mastery.

Our program contains over 30 Rondo exercises which have been devised by Coerver founders Alf Galustian and Charlie Cooke. All of our drills come with standard and challenging variations to make them suitable for a variety of ages and skill levels.

Each Rondo is explained with videos and diagrams, allowing them to be easily understood and implemented into your coaching routine.

Your chance to improve is today

If you want to elevate your skills as a coach, improve individual players’ skills and techniques, all while improving your team’s chemistry, confidence, ball retention and learning how to effectively close down the opposition, then look no further. Establish a routine and clear path for progression in your training sessions and see the results on matchday.

Check out the Coerver Rondo drill series and start advancing your team and your training sessions now.

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