8 Ways to stop a penalty kick

Messi Penalty Kick

8 ways to stop a penalty kick in soccer

1. Distract the shooter: As the goalkeeper, you can try to distract the shooter by shouting, waving your arms, jumping up and down, or any other means that can put the shooter off balance.

2. Study your opponent: Research your opponent’s penalty-kick history and tendencies, which may help you predict his or her next move.

3. Stay focused: Keep your eye on the ball at all times and be mentally prepared for any eventualities.

4. Anticipate where the ball will be placed: Look for clues such as the shooter’s body positioning and footwork to anticipate where the ball may be placed.

5. Follow your instincts: Trust your gut feeling and react instinctively when the shooter kicks the ball.

6. Time your movement: Wait for the shooter to make the first move, then move quickly and decisively to the ball.

7. Make yourself big: Spread your arms and legs as wide as possible, and stand tall to make yourself as imposing as possible.

8. Practice penalty saves: The best way to improve at saving penalties is to practice, so practice regularly with teammates or coaches to sharpen your reflexes and technique.