The most important place on the field

The most important place on the soccer field

Goals decide between a win or loss in every game. It is always the purpose to try and win the game by outscoring your opponent.

In order to do it successfully players needs different sets of skills in all areas of the field.  And most importantly they need to capitalize on their efforts in the 18 yard box.
This is the distance away from the goal that has the highest goal scoring percentages in soccer is inside the penalty box or 18-yard box. This box measures 44 yards wide and 18 yards long and is situated directly in front of the goal.

Generally, the closer a player is to the goal, the higher their chances of scoring. Studies have shown that shots taken from within the penalty box have a greater likelihood of hitting the target and going into the net. Shots taken outside of the penalty box have a lower accuracy rate due to the longer distance and greater obstacles such as defenders and the goalkeeper.

Coaches constantly use drills and exercises to prepare their players for  various situations that occur repeatedly in the 18 yard box. In the image above Coerver Coaching provides a number of different scenarios all while letting players play under a conditioned full pressure drill.  These types of exercises create game like situations and help players learn how to perform under similar pressures they experience within an real game.

It is important to practice passing and receiving, crossing and finishing.  There are great resources available to teach your players these skills.  Some include online products that provide the basics such as ball mastery skills as well as drills and games.  One great resource for online materials comes from Coerver Coaching.  Coerver is a market leader in skills training and teaching players how to become more effective attackers and finishers.  Click here to learn more.

Others include coaching courses and live events which can be found through National organizations such as US Soccer, click here to learn more.