8 Ways to take a penalty kick

Messi Penalty Kick

8 ways to take a soccer penalty kick

When a penalty kick is awarded it requires the player taking the penalty to decide how he or she is going to try and get passed the goalie.   While at the same time the goalie must decide how to try and stop the ball from crossing the line.

Here are 8 different ways soccer penalty kicks can be taken:

1. Straight shot: This is the most common way to take a penalty kick. It involves aiming the ball for a corner of the net and striking it with power.

2. Chip: The chip is a finesse shot where the kicker lightly chips the ball into the goal with a lob over the goalkeeper.

3. Panenka: The Panenka is a penalty kick technique where the shooter fakes a shot to one side, and then gently chips the ball into the middle of the goal as the goalkeeper dives to one side.

4. Power shot: This technique involves shooting the ball as hard as possible towards the goal. It is effective because it reduces the time the goalkeeper has to react.

5. Side-footed shot: The side-footed shot is a technique that involves aiming towards the side of the goal and using the side of the foot to gently place the ball into the net.

6. Curls: Curls are a technique where the kicker aims the ball towards a corner of the net and curves it using the inside or outside of the foot.

7. Inside of the foot: A penalty kick can be struck with the inside of the foot to give it accuracy while still maintaining power.

8. Fake-out: A fake-out involves running up to the ball as if to take a normal penalty kick, but at the last minute, the kicker strikes the ball with the other foot. This surprises the goalkeeper and can often result in a goal.

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