Top Rated Coaching Courses

Top Rated Coaching Courses from Coerver Coaching

Whether you are a new coach that is looking for ideas, or someone who has been coaching for years, finding the right top rated coaching course can be a challenge.
Some courses are very specific in nature and are only offered if you have taken a previously required course. This is often the case when you view licensing courses that include levels such as; A, B, C and D level courses.
Although every course has benefits, it is often difficult to find the time to attend the multitude of courses due to busy life schedules.
Whether it’s a long weekend that you want to get away with your family, or an action packed tournament weekend, we are constantly finding our schedules pulled in different directions.
In reviewing many different course offerings, one of the most important factors we have found, is the ability to take the course online.

Online courses allow you to take it at your own pace and go back and review course videos.

It helps save time and money and in our opinion can produce the exact same results as a live course.

What to look for when choosing a top rated coaching course?

  • A technical focus for players of all ages and abilities
  • Videos of drills and games
  • Diagrams of drills and games
  • Coaching tips
  • Player tips
  • How to teach players step by step
  • How to go from no pressure drills to full pressure
  • Feedback from other coaches who have taken the courses

The last bullet point is one of the most important in our opinion.  If you can find other coaches that are just like you and are willing to invest their time and money into their coaching knowledge, then you are probably in the right place.

Read the reviews.  Look at the organizations history in the game.  Where are their programs located?  Do they have a good reputation?

Two of the top rated courses we have found are the Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 1 course and the Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 2 course.  You can read a great review of course 1 by clicking here.

Each course has a theme and purpose.

In the Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 1 Course the focus is on Session Planning.  It is designed to help coaches design engaging practice sessions that cover all the aspects of youth player development.  It starts with the most important factor of Ball Mastery, moves on to Receiving and Passing, 1V1 Attack and Defense, Speed, Finishing and Group Play.

Above image provided by Coerver Coaching referencing the Coerver Coaching Pyramid of Moves and Coerver Coaching Pyramid of Player Development. copyright protected 2009

The Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 2 Course focuses on the Team Play.

It is designed to help you as coach develop an attacking style of play in your team’s DNA.  Coerver Coaching doesn’t want a team that is going to sit back and park the bus.  They want to develop teams that are willing to take risks and never be afraid of losing the ball.  Teams that play with the belief that if they lose it, they will win it back just as fast.  Sound a bit like Barcelona?  I think so, exciting, hard working, highly skilled and punish you when you get the ball off them.  It is not only an enjoyable style to watch, it is an even better style to play.

Much of it is comprised of the Box / Trap System.

Above image provided by Coerver Coaching referencing the Coerver Coaching Box Trap copyright protected 2017.

You can read a great review of the Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 2 by Gary Parkinson. Click here

Gary is a respected journalist and youth soccer coach. He enjoys learning new ideas and finding ways to improve his coaching which is why he chose to take our Online Youth Diploma 1 and 2 Course.