Master Control: Andres Iniesta Signature Move

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So you want to learn some Iniesta soccer moves? Well, check out this Andres Iniesta signature move in the video below. The dribbling move Iniesta loves to do is called: La Croqueta.

Iniesta has demonstrated what La Croqueta can do time and time again while he’s playing for Barcelona and Spain. Can he repeat the feat and unlock the defence on the biggest stage of them all, in the 2010 World Cup final in South Africa? Of course he can. Learn how to do Iniesta’s favorite move in the video below. Two keys to think about are doing the Iniesta move quickly and drawing the defender in so they dive in.

La Croqueta – refers to the move itself, shifting the ball from the left to the right and splitting the defenders.

In Spain, la croquette is a small fried sort of appetizer, usually filled with cheese or chicken and comes from the French word to crunch. Maybe that’s where the reference to the move comes from, to just beat the defenders without getting crunched inbetween them.

Here are some more examples of Iniesta using the Croqueta soccer move in a number of different games for Barcelona. Essentially, the Iniesta moves is all about shifting the from one foot to the other, usually with the inside of the feet. Again though, remember to change speed after the move to escape pressure – change of pace is the key with any soccer move to beat a defender, slow then fast.

Also see Iniesta’s shielding skills. For a skinny and small soccer player he knows how to protect the ball.

It’s sad that Iniesta is leaving Barcelona. What a soccer player. Just amazing touch and skill on the ball. He made it look easy. I don’t think I’ve even seen him lose the ball.

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