Cole Palmer Goal: Stop & Start Move

Cole Palmer almost suckers in the Manchester United defenders and goalkeeper before slotting the ball home. It is a clever teasing finish that is very difficult to do but Palmer makes it look easy. He stays calm and knows what he wants to do with the ball.

Furthermore, I’m sure Palmer is partly thinking that once he’s in the goal box the defenders won’t want to foul him and give up a penalty kick.

Palmer does a stop and start Coerver dribbling move to draw in the defenders and pick his spot to shoot. In a way, Palmer freezes both VictorLindelof and HarryMaguire for a moment. This gives hime a second to find the space to slot home his shot.

Cole Palmer deftly places his shot into the corner of Andre Onana’s goal to make it 1-1 late in the first half against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Watch the Palmer goal in the video below.

Moreover, don’t forget, Palmer is just 21 years old. He kind of carries or drags the soccer ball along drawing in the defenders before cutting the ball back to the far post. Also, watch how Palmer doesn’t try to smash the ball but side foots the ball to the far corner.

The trick to score goals in the box is to slow down. Not rush things. Yes, there’s a fine line to this. Meaning you don’t have all day of course to take your chance. But if you watch the best goal scorers in world football they all remain calm and cool right before they strike the ball.

Palmer, who shows you once again that you can be skinny and still be a star on the soccer field, has become Chelsea’s smartest signing of the season by a mile.

Chelsea’s Mykhailo Mudryk, however, has taken a lot of heat for not being a good signing for Chelsea. However, with Mudryk’s pass to Palmer here and his ability to drive at defenders with the ball he shows his potential. Mudryk is eager to make things happen on the field.

At least the Manchester United defenders don’t put their hand behind their backs as they try to stop Palmer – that would have slowed their efforts to block Palmer’s shot even more.

Here’s what Palmer said prior to the game:

‘I’m relishing the game,’ he explained. ‘I’ve never played at Old Trafford, so hopefully I play and score a few goals!

‘I’ve got a few friends who will be there who are United fans. They will be in the United end. Then my other mates will be in the Chelsea end. A few of my family are City fans, a few are United. It’ll be interesting.’

While Palmer’s goal tied the game they’d go on to lose 2-1 to Manchester United. Still though, Palmer has to be happy with his continued good form.