Sunderland Versus Liverpool: Bent’s Balloon (Beach Ball) Goal

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Sunderland Versus Liverpool: Bent’s Balloon (Beach Ball) Goal

This past week all we heard about was the Balloon Boy and how he turned out to be in the attic the whole time and not in the balloon at all. Turns the kids family was more about getting some media attention and it was a hoax.

Over in the EPL, Liverpool was beaten when a Darren Bent shot struck a balloon that had been thrown on the pitch by Liverpool supporters. Oh what a way to lose. Pepe Reina had no chance.

What’s Rafa going to say after this match, it was Ferguson’s fault, that somehow Manchester United was involved? It’s like over in Wall Street, everyone blaming Goldman Sachs for all the problems just cause they know how to make money.

Perhaps the EPL will start placing some kids on the sides of the goals to remove any balloons or debris that ends up on the field, like in tennis, when the ball boys dash across the court to pickup the balls. Kramer, do you need a job?

Sunderland went on to win the game 1-0. It was the fourth loss for The Reds this season as Manchester United went top of the table as Chelsea lost too. 

Update: Turns out it was more of a beach ball than a balloon.

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