Darlington Nagbe Perfect Passing

If you want to become an excellent passer of the ball just want Darlington Nagbe. I mean come on. Nearly perfect I guess I should say but still amazing.

Darlington Nagbe is the possession king in the MLS. Nagbe just doesn’t lose the soccer ball. Out of 160 passes in the last three games for the Columbus Crew, Nagbe only didn’t connect on three of those passes.

It makes you wonder how Nagbe would do at a bigger soccer club say in Europe where he’s surrounded by even better players who too just want to keep the ball. However, the pass of the game would change and the players he’s going up against would be smarter, faster and stronger too.

Could Nagbe succeed at a big club like Manchester City? I’m sure Pep Guardiola would appreciate his possession skills. Yet what’s even more sought after is the player who can make the killer pass.