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East and West Coast Elite Residential Academy Experience

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The East Coast (North Andover, MA – Brooks School) and West Coast (Santa Barbara, CA – Cate School) Our Residential programs are designed for the club player who has aspirations to play at the highest level. Our 5 Day Elite and 10 Day Academy Residential Programs offer a unique and specialized curriculum designed to maximize the individual player’s growth and development, self-confidence and overall success during their stay. The Residential Program attracts talented players from across the United States. Players become part of the one. Family and continue to return every year to immerse themselves in the culture of one. Soccer and be part of the one. Family!

Our International Staff are hand selected for their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to teach youth soccer players. These coaches have a strong commitment and desire to support players with their goals and ambitions while igniting a greater joy for the game!

The morning sessions are focused on the technical aspect of the game. The goal is to add/enhance the technical tool box of the player and always ask the question, “what tool do i use based on the picture in front of me”.

The afternoon is about allowing the game to be the teacher with the coaches as the guides. Based on the four moments of the game, Offense, defensive transition, defense, offensive transition. We have many enjoyable and competitive themed games that bring out the many tactical aspects of the game, from securing possession and building attacks, to counter-attacks and pressuring as a team to win the ball back quickly, as well as many more situations the game brings to the players.

The fields sessions conclude in the evening with Footvolley competitions and small sided games.

There is also additional bonus sessions with qualified yoga instructors, inspirational learning modules on both nutrition for recovery and health, team culture and core values

At the conclusion of the day, we meet in the auditorium (camp meeting room) to have an overview and recap of the day’s activities and watch a 20-25 minute highlight videos on top professional players for inspiration. and visualization session creates an Elite Residential environment unlike any other program in the United States.

Visit our website for more information: www.onesoccerschools.com

Goalkeepers do not be concerned, your days are packed with a GK specific curriculum. For more information please contact us at the contact info below. 

Our mission statement is always to be the ‘BEST’ Residential Program in the country for creating dynamic training environments and soccer education. It has also been a big commitment for us to provide the ultimate soccer experience but make it affordable for all players desiring to attend no matter their socio economic background. In addition, there is no way a player can leave the One Soccer Schools program without improving a ton, having a better understanding of the overall game when attacking or defending and a higher level of confidence both as a soccer player and a human being looking to be a CHAMPION in all facets of life!

We look forward and appreciate the opportunity to work with your amazing child and athlete for one our 2022 Summer Soccer Camps.

Early Bird Pricing Until February 15th, 2022

West Coast Elite Residential Program
Santa Barbara, CA – Cate School

4-night / 5-Day Elite Programs: Cost – $749
June 19 – 23, June 24 – 28, July 10 – 14, July 15 – 19

9-Night / 10-Day Academy Programs: Cost – $1,599
June 19 – 28, July 10 – 19

One Soccer Camp Santa Barbara

East Coast Elite Residential Program
North Andover, MA – Brooks School

4-night / 5-Day Elite Programs: Cost – $859
July 24-28 , July 29-August 2

9-Night / 10-Day Academy Programs: Cost – 1,799
July 24-August 2

One Soccer Camp Andover

For more information on the camp or to see if this would be a good option for your child,

Contact our Resident Camp Director, Lloyd Biggs at lloyd@onesoccerschools.com

Office contact: (o) 805-845-6801 or info@onesoccerschools.com

Visit our website for more information about One Soccer Schools 2022 camps: www.onesoccerschools.com