Eduardo Da Silva Injury

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Eduardo Injury
Martin Taylor’s vicious, lunging tackle on Eduardo Da Silva can be seen in the video below, but this isn’t for young players to view. It’s not really a tackle but more a lunge right into the side of Eduardo’s foot. Just a brutal tackle and there’s no place for it in football, especially professional football at the English Premier League level, where players should know better. This was a malicious challenge and Taylor wasn’t even going for the soccer ball.

Arsene Wenger Interview After Eduardo Injury

Wenger says that Martin Taylor should never play football again after that challenge on Eduardo. If you want to see beautiful soccer / football and skillful players you have to protect them. Wenger is right and skillful players should be protected. If you go in for a tackle like this you should be banned from the game. Taylor goes in studs up on Eduardo after getting beat. It all happens fast but it’s clear Taylor was going in with cleats up and that’s enough for a long ban in itself.

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