Ronaldinho Snake Move

This Ronaldinho snake move is often called the ‘elatico’ or the ‘flip-flap’. Basically, in one motion, Ronaldinho moves the soccer ball with the outside of his foot to the outside and then quickly flips the ball back with the inside of his foot. The idea is to wrap your foot around the ball. Try standing on your left foot and flip flapping the soccer ball with your right foot.

Today’s tutorial is the Elastico. Otherwise known as the the snake or flip flap. It’s easily one of the best soccer skills you can master. We’ve broken it down to just a few steps and slowed it way down so that you can understand exactly what’s going on!

Ronaldinho, Willian and of course both Ronaldo’s use the Elastico. As usual check out for articles and other things to improve your soccer skills.