Ronaldinho Tribute at the Camp Nou

As far as tributes go, this one for Ronaldinho at the Camp Nou is one of the best. It feels so heartfelt and genuine, especially the gesture by Puyol. Barcelona thank Ronaldinho in their preseason game versus AC Milan at the Camp Nou. Watch how Carlos Puyol has Ronaldinho join the team photo in the end of the video. Awesome.

Love the smile on Ronny’s face. The gesture almost makes Ronaldinho cry. Soccer teams and clubs move on from so many great players over the years, and certainly with such a legendary club like Barcelona with a history of great players a mile long, but Ronaldinho, the joy he brought to Barcelona, it has to be near the top of players in the clubs history.

Ronaldinho deserves a statue, with his toothy grin and all, outside the Camp Nou. Come on Barcelona, get the Ronaldinho statute up already outside the entrance to the Nou Camp.

Then in the end of this video below, which show a bit more of the team photo with Ronaldinho, he goes over and greets Ibrahimovic again. I wonder if he was telling him to come join him at AC Milan.

Here’s the Barcelona team photo with Ronaldinho:

Ronaldinho Tribute at the Camp Nou - Barcelona Team Picture