Two Versus Two Keep away

Field size: 30 yards by 20 yards

Number of players:
full team with 4 players working in each group

Age range:

Description: Two players work together in a small square to keep the ball from two other players – 2 versus 2.  Have players work on combination play, wall passes, takeovers, overlaps, and shielding the ball. 

in a neutral player if teams are unable to get any rhythm or possession going. 

If this game seems too difficult, make the playing area a little bigger. But if the drill is too easy for your players, make the playing area a bit smaller. The main focus of this drill should be shielding the ball, playing give and goes, and dribble exchanges.

Next, move into directional play, where teams try to stop the ball on the line.  Start out playing unlimted touches but see if your players can play in two or three touches as drill progresses.

This game can be difficult, since there’s not much room to work and just two players, so players should work on shielding the ball until a teammate gets open and then move quickly into space once they make a pass.  The team who puts a five passes together gets a point.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

An attacking overload session that begins with a 3 vs 2 and progresses to 3 vs 3. Match realistic pressure designed to encourage players to play quickly and take advantage of overloads in the final third.