2011 MLS: What I’m Looking Forward to Watching

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What with the MLS set to start on Tuesday night up in Seattle where the Sounders facing off against the LA Galaxy, I was reminded that this game last year was refunded by the Sounder organization, due to the dismal performance by their own team, as they were trounced 4-0. I’m betting this rematch, since it’s also the first game of the 2011 season, and because of last years refund, will be quite a match to watch.

Here’s what else I’m looking forward to watching in the 2011 MLS season.

The Seattle Sounders Versus the Two New Teams: Portland and Vancouver
These games should be epic and come to define the term rivalry in the MLS. What with the cities only a few hours away from one another expect big road team crowds at the stadiums. This is exactly what the MLS needs.

Charlie Davies with DC United
Is there a more inspirational story? Don’t think so. I’m very happy for Mr. Davies. Can’t wait to see a full stanky legg celebration routine by Charlie Davies. And, hoping he can slowly but surely make his way back into the national team side.

Chivas USA
Chivas have added two former U.S. national team defenders: Jimmy Conrad and the mustachioed one, Heath Pearce. With a solid back line the Chivas should make a impact this year and their games with LA should be fun to watch.

Thierry Henry
For Henry, what with Juan Pablo Angel now across the country with the LA Galaxy, the New York Red Bulls team is more or less his team. He’s the leader of the club. He will have to have a big year if the Red Bulls are going to do anything. But I’m just looking forward to watching him play and hope he can show some of the Henry you played for Arsenal.

Real Salt Lake
Despite the horrible team name, Salt Lake are a very good team, but they have added an exciting and skillful player in Arturo Alvarez. Just how good can they become?

Toronto FC
With the additions of Aron Winter as head coach and Paul Mariner as director of player development, they certainly have the wisdom in the coaching department to be a good side.

Jay DeMerit
The arrival of Jay DeMerit, formally of Watford of England’s League Championship and of course the United States national team, I’m curious to see how DeMerit does in the MLS. Will he become the best back in the MLS? Will he develop a Canadian accent? Hope not.

Goal Scoring Duo of Conor Casey and Omar Cummings
Can these two continue to score goals and make Colorado not a surprise team but a team that just wins games?

Juan Pablo Angel, Frankie Hejduk, Landon Donovan, and of course David Beckham with the LA Galaxy
The first two names on the least are new additions to the LA Galaxy team, and then the last two are always interesting. For LA, they need to win some trophies to make all the attention they receive warranted.

Jackie Pickering
Yes, she’s one of the best things about watching the MLS. It’s just that she needs to do more interviews and get more TV time. Don’t know who she is, take a look at this video:

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