Alan Velasco Game Winning Panenka Penalty Kick

Valasco panenka. I actual feel bad for the goalkeeper here. Flailing at the soccer ball afterwards. Dayne St. Clair goalkeeper for Minnesota United didn’t have a chance to get a glove on the ball. Just an incredibly gusty panenka penalty kick from Alan Velasco when everything is on the line. And the Argentine is only twenty years old. I mean it’s not quite the World Cup final and a Zidane panenka but it’s still a super courageous panenka by Valasco. I say give the young man a raise after this game winner!

From MLS: “FC Dallas rising star Alan Velasco took that long, lonely walk in front of a sold out Toyota Park on Monday night. He wanted to be the fifth shooter, he asked to be the fifth shooter, with this scenario a real possibility. Unfazed by the moment or the weight of pressure, Velasco slowed down and delivered a delightful chip – a panenka.”

FC Dallas will now face off against Austin FC, would should be a very enjoyable match to watch since both teams are full of creative and skillful players. Surely the Austin versus Dallas rivalry will only grow as the two soccer clubs battle for who’s the best professional soccer team in Texas.

Velasco is the most expensive signing by FC Dallas. He cost the club $7 million with possible add on fees of $1.7 million. Independiente will also get a chunk of the proceeds if Valasco is sold to another club. Whoever helped get Valasco signed for FC Dallas also deserves a raise!

See the Valasco panenka in the video below.