John Webster

Neymar Butt Pass

Neymar’s Butt Pass

Posted by - January 23, 2020
There’s the back pass, famously done by Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, and now there’s the butt pass. Neymar improvises while playing for Paris Saint-Germain by his his backside to make…
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Little Girl Skills

Little Girl Has Soccer Skills!

Posted by - January 18, 2020
First the little girl embarrasses a kid wearing a Real Madrid jersey with a perfectly timed pull back. Then she dribbles between two kids wearing Juventus jerseys like nothing. And…
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Barcelona Tiki Take Blueprint

Barcelona’s Tiki-Taka History

Posted by - January 15, 2020
Enjoy the very best of FC Barcelona’s team-play and Tiki-Taka style of soccer / football from 2008-2017. The blueprint of Barcelona’s Tiki Taka football is something that team has been…
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Alex Morgan Footballer

It’s Called Soccer?

Posted by - January 14, 2020
Alex Morgan, in her Twitter bio, calls herself a footballer. The American women’s soccer star, with her over 4 million followers, doesn’t say soccer player. Understandably, since only in the…
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99 Ball Mastery

99 Skills to Ball Mastery

Posted by - January 12, 2020
Here’s how to master your skills on the soccer ball. The Coerver Coaching 99 Skills to Ball Mastery is an outstanding tool for players and coaches. It can be used…
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