Bayern Munich “Bucket Ball” Training Sessions

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FC Bayern Munich stars have a lot of fun during training with “bucket ball”, header keepy-uppies and trying to place the ball through a hoop that hangs from a goal. So this is how Bayern Munich players got so good at soccer….is this the new Tiki Taka that Pep Guardiola is implementing?

Watch this Bayern Munich soccer training session with the bucket ball.

I used to be skeptical somewhat of warmup games or tricks in soccer. That they really didn’t help that much in terms of making soccer players better. But really, players should learn how to try new things and not be afraid to make mistakes. Coaches sholud allow players to have fun during practice and try trick shots or moves.

Also, these games help with team unity and working together to accomplish something. So these aren’t silly warm up games but fun games that also get soccer players trying new things and challenging themselves in different ways. Why not try to chip the keeper from half field? Why not try to juggle the ball as a team all the way up the field?

It’s similar to say the soccer tricks Neymar does. Some people say it disrespects other teams and the game when he attempts some juggling trick or the like during a game. This is what the game of soccer is all about though. Doing the unexpected.

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