The David Beckham Cross

Beckham cross: Want to cross the ball like David Beckham? Then follow this advice. Get the soccer ball in early and often, and whip it in with pace. If you cross the ball when you have the space and time three or four times, the next time, when the defense closes you down, you can push the ball past them and beat them on the dribble. It’s incredible that soon enough young players might not even know who Beckham is, or at least that he was an outstanding player and crosser of the ball. The best crosser ever, perhaps.

Don’t send in a lofted ball that will get cut out by a defender or the keeper. Cross the ball at pace. Watch David Beckham cross the ball when he played for Real Madrid, see how he picks out Ronaldo. Beckham wraps the inside of his foot around the ball and strikes the ball like he’s taking a shot or a free kick. Bending the ball into Ronaldo. He doesn’t send in a lofted ball. Beckham is the master of the cross. Take a look. Beckham turned crossing into an art.

Watch David Beckham the king of crossing the soccer ball in the video below. Compilation with some of the most fantastic crossing by David Beckham.

Here’s what former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson said about David Beckham:

“He was extraordinary. When he first came to us he would train morning and afternoon then show up in the evening to join in with the schoolboys. At the start of each season we used to give all the players a bleep test to get a sense of their aerobic fitness, and Beckham was always off the scale.

“True winners are relentless. The very best football players compete against themselves to become as good as they can be. They have to be dragged off the training ground.”

And here’s another Beckham cross but this time to the feet of Zidane. Who scores an amazing volley.

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In the history of world football surely Beckham will go down as the best crosser of the ball.