Brutal South Carolina Soccer Attack

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Brutal South Carolina Soccer Attack

Ok, so this video is making the rounds, and rightly so, since it’s just crazy. It’s a video of a brutal punching attack by Lewisville (S.C.) High senior Annette McCullough. Who, after being innocently tripped from behind, starts to punch the person until a parent comes over and stops her. The other players around her are in disbelief at what she’s down. Their jaws just drop.

The video makes you think of the aggressive play and hair pulling of New Mexico defender Elizabeth Lambert from a few years ago, but this one isn’t even in the realm of aggressive play, it’s an out right attack.

McCullough was shown the red card and a criminal investigation is underway. Looks like she could receive an assault charge. Don’t know what got her so upset but surely it’s not just about this soccer match.

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