2007 Copa America Final – Brazil Versus Argentina

2007 Copa America Final – Brazil Versus Argentina

The first half highlights.  What a great pass to put Baptista in on goal.  And then, what a crack of a shot.  It seems like the keeper should have gotten a hand to it, but it was a screamer.  Where is Baptista going to play, at Real Madrid or Arsenal – he’s a class player with strength, skill and speed.  Seems like he should be a star for either club.

What happened to Argentina? They were the glory of it all. Give and goes and then more gives and ensuing goals, chips, well placed finishes—did you see Mascherano’s well placed strike? He was a shining star for Argentina in the early rounds. Winning balls in the midfield and directed the play. No wonder Liverpool signed up.

A bit of history: Copa America is the oldest international soccer tournament, having started in 1916. The Copa America is run by CONMEBOL, the South American soccer confederation. Ten countries compete and there is no qualification pre-tournament. Two teams are invited from other confederations, based on their stature as a team from previous tournaments. Mexico has been a repeat participant.

But give it up to Brazil. They had the speed, strength and skill to overcome Argentina.

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