Cristiano Ronaldo Has His Own Face On His Shin Guards

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Cristiano Ronaldo Has His Own Face On His Shin Guards

Cristiano Ronaldo’s shin guards: Ronaldo, one of the greatest football players of all-time, has his own face on his shin guards. Of course he does. I’d like to hear the back story of why though. Hard to make out the entire picture on his shin guards. It’s said that he also has his entire family pictured on his shin guards somewhere, too. And to be fair to Ronaldo that seems like what is – his whole family. Before he puts on the shin guards he kisses the picture.

Credit for image of Cristiano Ronaldo’s shin guards with his own face on them goes to ESPN FC.

But if you’ve scored a ton of goals, and big goals at that, for the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus, you can put your face on your shirt, socks, shoes and shin guards if it so pleases you.

Would you put your own face on your shin guards like Ronaldo? Would you wear personalized shin pads with your own face on them?

It would almost seem more appropriate if Cristiano Ronaldo’s shin guards had a picture of his abs on his shin pads, right. But Cristiano Ronaldo’s shin guards with his face on them would be worth a pretty penny if they were available for sale! You can buy shin guards with CR7 on them but not with Ronaldo’s face on them. Well, not yet.

One thing is for sure though and that is Ronaldo is happy to back at Manchester United:

“It’s a new chapter, I’m so happy and glad, and I want to carry on again, to make history, to try to help Manchester United achieve great results, to win trophies and number one of them is to win great things.”

New – Ronaldo has added his entire family to his shin guards:

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