Tight Shorts, Cristiano Style

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo ever going to finally sign with Real Madrid? Is Ronaldo dating Paris Hilton? Both those questions were answered. He’s now going to play in La Liga along side Kaka and he and Paris are unbelievably if not friends, then he’s her new BFF (Best Friend Forever).

Odd though, one of the first things Ronaldo does after the season ends is fly out to party in LA and get sucked right into the paparazzi vortex. Hey, he’s only 24 years old. But now the tight shorts he wore on holiday are becoming a trend, and a store in England is making a bet that this trend will continue.

However, in the picture below Cristiano looks like he’s trying to trade out of his short shorts and put on a longer pair. Perhaps this will fly in Europe, where the Speedo isn’t really frowned upon, but in the United States I just don’t see this short short trend taking off.

From CNBC:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s penchant for super-tight shorts has created a new market for retailers that could soon dwarf the soccer star’s 80-million-pound ($131 million) transfer to Real Madrid.

British department stores group Debenhams said on Thursday sales of skimpy shorts leapt over 117 percent in the last week, after Ronaldo was photographed sporting his skin-tight style on holiday in the United States.

“His sense of style has moved men’s shorts into an entirely new ball game,” said Paul Baldwin, Debenhams’ director of buying for menswear.

“We believe that demand for super tight shorts is about to become a worldwide phenomenon — and the value of the market will dwarf the fee paid for the player by Real Madrid.”

English soccer champions Manchester United last week accepted a world record bid for the 24-year-old striker from Spain’s Real Madrid.

Debenhams warned the copycat craze could put more flesh on show this summer than many people might feel comfortable with.

“We’ve already had many instances of young men squeezing themselves into shorts which are clearly several sizes too small for them, just to create the maximum ‘Cristiano effect’,” Baldwin said.

You now get Cristiano Ronaldo’s new underwear line as well.

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