Sourcing the right field equipment

When heading out to the field for practice it is great to have the right field equipment to make your practice as organized and purposeful as possible. Of course, there are times when you have to use certain equipment to make up for equipment that is not at the field. ie. you do not have enough goals so you need to use two cones or two corner flags.

Below is a list of items that can make your job as a coach easier and more organized.  It helps players visualize the field layout and understand the exercises you will be doing.  These items include everything from defining an entire field space layout with cones to using multiple goals to create different attacking and defending drills.

  1. ) Training vests in various colors to define teams by vest color.
  2. ) Cones for field marking.  These can be used to mark the field boarder as well as for drills and exercises.  Multiple colors can help define different parts of the field or drill.
  3. ) Portable goals.  The can be small popup goals such as Pugg Goals, Bazooka Goals, Infinity Goals or they can be medium sized portable goals.  Such as Bow-Nets, Kwik Flex Goals, Coerver Goals or they can be even larger full size goals.  Some options are provided by Bow-Net and Kwik Goal.
  4. ) Flags.  Flags can be used for traditional corner flag markers or you can substitute them for side goal posts.
  5. ) Water or a popular sports drink such as Gatorade.
  6. ) Most importantly, Soccer Balls and a Pump.