Michael Essien Nearly Back

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Michael Essien Nearly Back

Does Chelsea still have a shot at winning the Premier League title?

Of course they do, especially after the Lampard season saving game winning goal versus Stoke. The team was so overjoyed after the goal it was as though they’d won the title.

But recent injuries are making their title hopes seem ever more difficult and slim. Notwithstanding the usual midway point resurgance of Manchester United, and their uncanny ability to score in the dying minutes and win games time and time again, Chelsea still have some Obama like hope left.

And that hope might just rest in the return of Michael Essien.

He’s recovered faster than expected from an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear suffered while playing for Ghana. And now many are saying he could play as early as late February or early March.

Wisely though, Scolari doesn’t want to rush the 26 year old. However, if the title is still within reach and they’re still depleted due to injuries, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him return.

The man is a machine. The man is a beast. His presence will allow Deco and Lampard to run free and feed Anelka and Drogba (if he is still with Chelsea) while he does the dirty work in the midfield.

Essien said that his quicker than expected return is due to his mom’s cooking.

"Michael’s injury has healed very well. He puts it down to his mum’s home cooking, though she has now returned to Ghana."

However, there’s talk that Essien’s days at Chelsea are numbered, with Florentina vying for his services. Can you really let a player go who scores goals like this? I don’t think you can. Oh how Manchester United or Arsenal would love to have he services.

It is no surprise he’s widely sought after though, as not only is a machine and a beast he’s also something of a X-Men worthy action figure. A large head atop a smaller but strong and fast frame. He’s the T Rex of the EPL.

Would you want to face him in the midfield?

Michael Essien

Then there’s the Drogba saga, who has said he’s lost his passion for the game. I think he just needs some more attention. I’m betting he too returns with an eager desire to redeem himself in London before he joins Mourinho at Inter Milan.

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