Follow the Leader Soccer Drill

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What’s the follow the leader soccer drill? Mainly it is a dribbling drill where players practice moves, cuts or feints and the players behind them do the same skill as the leader. Imitate or copy what the player in front of you is doing. Let’s learn more about the follow the leader soccer drill:

Copy what soccer skill the leader is doing. Looking for other soccer drills, check out 100 different soccer drills to help improve your game.

Field size:  Half field or the entire penalty box area

Number of players: full team with groups of three or four players

Age range: 6-8

Description: Dribbling drill where players follow one player and weave in and out and do the same moves that the leader does. The lead player can even stop and juggle ten times if they want. Change of pace is good too, dribble slow and then fast.

Players follow the lead player from behind and copy whatever he or she is doing. So, they copy the player by going at the same pace or dribbling with the same foot as the leader. Copying whatever moves or soccer tricks they might do.

Switch leaders and let everyone get a chance as the leader of the drill. This is a good warm up drill for young players and an opportunity for them to try out their new moves and skills they learned in a previous training session.

Try using two different leaders, so split the team into two different groups. Have these two different groups or teams compete throughout a practice session, that way, if a group is losing one competition or game they have a chance to redeem themselves and win another competition. So keep they same three or four players together in every drill for that one practice.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

Vision Training Soccer Camps – Dribbling Game: Follow the Leader Soccer Drill

The objective is to have players dribble the ball with their head up. This is done by electing one leader who all other players should keep their eyes on. Everyone dribbles around inside an area. when the leader stops dribbling and puts his/her foot on top of the ball, all other players are supposed to immediately do the same.

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