George Best Dribbling Skills

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George Best is certaining one of the greatest dribblers of the ball of all time. Best just had a classic way of dribbling, not too many tricks or step overs, just cut the ball one way or the other or gave off a few fake shots to slow the defender and make more time for himself to get the shot off.

And like all of the other greatest dribblers of the soccer ball, like Messi or Maradona, George Best made it seem like other players were playing in slow motion or he was just playing a game all his own. And it’s crazy to remember that George Best also played in the United States for the Earthquakes. Another thing that stands out about Best’s dribbling style is he didn’t necessarily dribble too fast with the ball at his feet or possess a ton of speed on the ball. Instead, for his dribbling style it was all about a change of pace, dribbling slow and then fast, Best dictated the game and made defenders react to him. He was also pretty fearless, never afraid to take players on – go right at them.




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