Hit the Bulls Eye

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Field size: half field

Number of players: full team; best when split into two teams of six or eight so player aren’t standing around too much

Age range: 12-14

Description: Setup a circle with a 15 to 10 yard circumference with a cone in the center.  With players about thirty yards away, have them try to chip the ball into the area and have it stop within the circle.  The player who’s closest to the cone in the center wins. 

The ball can’t bounce into the circle but can bounce once it’s in the circle as long as it stays in the circle area. Obviously,  it can’t bounce out of course to count.  Other player’s balls may get hit and knocked out of the area like in shuffle board. 

Try moving further away to make it harder or closer in if the players are having a hard time getting the ball into the circle area. 

The key is to make sure players are chipping the ball with the right technique, getting under the ball and creating back spin on the ball so it stops once it lands in the circle. 

You can also create zones within the circle with a ring of cones, and give players more points if they land closer to the center of the circle near the cone.  If the ball lands near the outer edge of the circle they get less points and then closer to the center area they get more points.  Again, setup at least two groups working at the same time, so players aren’t standing around waiting for their turn.

Extra: If the players really get the hang of it, and their perhaps a bit older, they can try the hit the cross bar game.

Equipment needed: A set of cones to create the circle area.

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