Hit the Cone

Field size: 40 yards by 30 yards with halfway line in the playing area

Number of players: 6 versus 6 (12 players total)

Age range: 6-8

Description: Playing a small-sided game with five cones along each end line.  Players score by knocking over one of the cones on the end line.  This drill gets players used to attacking the whole area and not just one small goal and it’s a good game for players who are just learning how to shoot and pass – since they can take aim and try to knock over a cone.  In this game players have clear targets to aim at and don’t have to stop the ball on the line, which may be more difficult for players just starting out.

As players get the hang of it, put in a rule where the players have to make five passes before they can shoot and or players can’t shoot from beyond the halfway line but have to work the ball up the field before they can take a shot.  However, as the game evolves, let players shoot from anywhere on the field. After a cone is knocked down the team who is scored upon takes the ball in the other direction from their end line. Game works on players passing and shooting accuracy but also possession and team play.

Extra: If the players really get the hang of it, and their perhaps a bit older, they can try the hit the cross bar game.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.