How to Do a Flip Throw-In

How do you do a flip throw in soccer? Doing a flip throw in soccer is a great way to make every throw-in like a corner kick. From nearly any section of the field, in the attacking half of the field that is, you can throw the ball into the box and hopefully get a chance on goal. If you have a player on our team who can do a flip throw you have a big advantage against other teams. Below are the steps to do a flip throw-in:

Step 1) Stretching.
Step 2) Practice blocking off the floor.
Step 3) Handsprings on the floor.
Step 4) Getting used to your body weight on the soccer ball.
Step 5) Try a baby one, and flop over.
Step 6) Take a few steps into it and ARCH.
Step 7) Practice and give it all you got.

Learn how to do a flip throw in soccer by watching the video below.

Don’t do this during a soccer though…a flip throw-in right to the defender’s face. I’m sure this was a yellow card infraction since the player doing the flip throw knew he was going to hit the other player right in the face.

It’s rare still to see a flip throw-in during a professional soccer game. Often, most soccer players can throw the ball in far enough to make it seem almost like a corner kick in the attacking third. Late in games it is more common to see pro soccer players try to at least do a long throw in. Ideally, players try to pick out a tall player on the near post who can flick the ball on.

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