How to Play Like Luka Modric

Let’s try to learn how to play football like Luka Modric. If you had to characterize Luka Modric’s style of play you might say it’s just playing like everything is so easy – like he’s playing a pick up game in the park. Modric seems to play at a different pace than everyone else, as though he knows what’s going to happen in the game before it’s played.

Despite his size, Modric controls the game and loves to dummy the ball. Whoever at Real Madrid was behind his signing, deserves a ton of credit. He always seems to be in the right spot on the field at the right time to collect the ball and make things happen.

Think you’re tough growing up and playing soccer where you’re from? This guy did all that while his nation, Croatia, was embroiled in a terrible civil war that forced his family to flee and left his grandfather dead.

Beyond that, Modric is one of the brightest emerging stars in England, now playing for the Tottenham Hotspurs (Update: Real Madrid has now signed Luka Modric). Modric plays the central midfield position flawlessly as he connects well thought out passes and utilizes the skills of both feet, something everyone who wants to play like Luka Modric should master.

Keys to playing like Luka Modric:

  • Keeps the game simple
  • Loves to play give and goes
  • Always showing and asking for the soccer ball
  • Exceptional control with both feet
  • Keen awareness and always looking to play that killer pass behind the defense
  • Tireless work rate
  • Expert level skills in the art of the dummy
  • Comfortable on the ball in tight spaces
  • Master of the outside of the foot pass

The Maestro – Luka Modric

Luka Modrić will continue at Real Madrid after signing a new contract that ties him to the club until the summer of 2022. Modrić, who joined Real Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur in 2022, has won 17 titles in nine seasons in the Spanish capital. His honors include 4 Champions League titles, 2 LaLiga titles and many more. He has also picked up individual honours such as the Ballon d’Or (2018). Real Madrid fans will have the chance to enjoy Modrić’s magic for another season!

Luka Modric began his career at Croatian giant, Dynamo Zagreb. In 2005, he made his breakthrough, becoming a regular for the first team. The team went on to win the league that season and each year that Modric remained at the club. In his final season at the club, Dynamo Zagreb won the league and cup double, winning the league by an astounding 28 point margin. Since moving to Tottenham, the player has had more success. Former Spurs captain, Jamie Redknapp, has said Modric is, “a hell of a player and a manager’s dream.”

Modric has featured as a regular for the Croatian national team. He scored a penalty kick in EURO 2008 against Austria that was the only goal of a 1-0 win. He was awarded man of the match in a dramatic upset of heavyweight, Germany, in a later match in the tournament. After the successful run, Luka Modric was included in the UEFA team of the tournament, a very high personal honor. This set the stage well for his arrival to the English Premier League.

Luka Modric gives tireless effort on the pitch, utilizing close ball skills and control to sneak past defenders and often drawing lots of fouls due to his speed and small size. He has been dubbed, “The Croatian Cruyff” in reference to the legendary Dutchman.

This from the Guardian:

The Croat can make opponents seem foolish with a drop of his shoulder. Darren Fletcher might attest to that after Modric left him trailing along the byline following a short corner routine, yet he is no mere jinking trickster. Despite his small frame he has plenty of strength and is not easily knocked off the ball. His intuitive grasp of the angles of a game and where to position his body ensures he rarely loses possession.

Need any more reason to admire him? His club, Tottenham was offered 40 million pounds by big spenders, Chelsea for his services…..And they turned it down!! But yes, a bigger spender came along in Real Madrid to offer a price that Tottenham just couldn’t pass up.

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