Ibrahimovic Falling Down Overhead Volley

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores what proved to be the game winner for AC Milan against Fiorentina. How did he do it? He flicks the ball up, falls backwards, and then volleys the ball home. Looks like he hurt his elbow or arm when he fall back, but brushed it off and continued to play.

Ibrahimovic has stated in the past how much he likes martial arts, taekwondo in particular, and seems to come in handy from time to time when he’s trying to score unorthodox goals like this one. In a way, the flexibility Ibrahimovic shows in similar to some of the movements associated with Roger Spry.

Bicycle kick goal from the November 20th game between AC Milan and Fiorentina. I guess it qualifies as a bicycle kick…take a look, either way it’s an exceptional goal that only someone like Ibrahimovic could pull off.

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