Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Taekwondo Volley

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has incorporated taekwondo into his game. And it came in handy when he want to volley the ball. If there’s one thing that showed through in the Euro 2012 tournament this year, it’s just how good a soccer player Ibrahimovic is. Is he the best soccer player Sweden has ever produced, surely.

Despite being knocked out of the tournament already, Sweden beat France 2-0, and Ibrahimovic scored what is probably the goal of the tournament with this karate like scissor kick that owes much to his taekwondo training – to which he has a black belt.

Yeah, that’s the reason he’s constantly kicking his teammates and opponents upside the head. But just look out how he gets up into the air and times the volley perfectly.

Watch Ibrahimovic’s taekwondo volley in the video below.

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“I saw the goal keeper,” Ibrahimovic said at the post game press conference. “He was out. I saw him and I said ‘I will shoot it over,’ but it was all depending how do I shoot. Do I shoot it high to land in the goal or do I shoot in front to put power on it? And I choose the power way, and then it went in.” He also talked about how hot it was for him and he didn’t went to expand too much energy so he thought about shooting it…