Is Coach Wade for Real?

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There’s a new ambassador for soccer, his name is Coach Ben Wade. The Survivor cast member is a collection of many things, one being a former soccer coach at Southwest Baptist University. But Wade is also a renaissance man who has traveled the world and faced near death on numerous occasions, from brain cancer, to tiger sharks, to a world record solo trip across the ocean in a kayak.


When he’s not coaching soccer Wade also is symphony conductor. And Wade has created a Samurai like warrior look, and sported the ponytail before Steven Segal, he has said.

Survivor After Show host Parvati Shallow and guest Benjamin “Coach” Wade, AKA the Dragon Slayer, break down this week’s episode and chat with Brandon Hantz. Also, Coach gives the Survivor After Show an exclusive scoop and reveals a life-changing event.

Do we believe all of this though? Is this someone we want associated with the game of soccer? Maybe the MLS will sign him up as a sideline reporter.

I have to say that Coach Wade has grown on me though as I’ve watched Survivor this year, which takes place in Brazil. I don’t know if he’s for real or not, but he grows on you, or at least makes you laugh.

His stories about being attacked by indigenous tribes in the Amazon rain forest are far fetched, but he believes in them, so you almost want to, too. Maybe he did survive an Amazon Pygamy attack and escaped by paddling as fast as he could down the river.

Wade is constantly talking about warriors versus non-warriors and taking the best Survivor players to the end to battle one another. He talks about slaying the so-called dragon, those enemies who haven’t formed an alliance with him. He help get Brendan voted off, as he wasn’t aligned with Wade and represented the enemy. It goes on and on. He practices a Yoga like routine in the mornings which he said few people know, only those who worked with the master like he did know the meditative Chinese Martial Arts routine.

Coach could be the most perfect Survivor character ever? You don’t know whether to laugh at him or with him or if he’s serious. I think he is serious though, and that’s why you like him. He wants to enjoy the game and win at the same time. But he also wants to build things up into a dramatic mythical type status, when it’s just a game. He wants to tell and create tall tales.

However, Coach Wade, for being a soccer Coach, doesn’t profess a great deal of physical prowess or athletic ability. He hasn’t one any physical challenges yet. But maybe he’s just holding back so he doesn’t have such a big target on his back that will get him voted off. But then again all his ridiculous statements and far fetched stories only make him easier to vote out.

Wade does grow on you. He’s earnest, competitive, and passionate and wants things to work out for those who are aligned with him. He even wanted to give Sera a second chance. However, Tyson was voted off with a blindside and now Coach’s warrior alliance has been chopped down. We’ll see who’s the chosen one?

Coach Wade isn’t the first soccer affiliated Survivor. Ethan Zohn took home the 1 million dollar price in the 3rd season of Survivor in South Africa. Could Wade make it to the end and collect the check? I don’t think so. He’s too much of a character. He is fun or funny to watch. I’m just waiting to see him bust out a soccer ball and show his skills, they are in Brazil after all.

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