Jesse Marsch’s Locker Room Speech for Red Bull Salzburg

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Jesse Marsch Locker Room Speech

In the soccer movies, this is the halftime team talk you’ll see. Jesse Marsch the coach/manager of Red Bull Salzburg gives a powerful speech in the locker room at halftime to fire up his Red Bull Salzburg team. With Red Bull Salzburg losing to Liverpool his team needed a boost and to regain the momentum. Marsch did his best to rally his troops. Of course there are a few cuss words thrown in too….

What’s equally impressive about the halftime speech is it’s for the most part not in English, Jesse Marsch’s own language. I guess in other countries, other than the United States, say all across Europe, speaking another language isn’t all that unique, it’s rather just a part of daily life. But Jesse Marsch is a relatively new coach in Europe, so giving this energetic speech not is first language can’t be easy. And it worked, as Red Bull Salzburg came back and could have won the game.

“Be more ruthless against Van Dijk, we play with too much respect. Too much respect,” Marsch says in the locker room at halftime in both German and English.

“Are they strong? Yes. But it doesn’t mean that we should be nice to them and don’t tackle them or fight.”

“How many fouls have we committed? Maybe 2? It’s not a f–king friendly, it’s a Champions League match.”

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WARNING: The video does contain some strong language but it’s for a good cause. They were down 3-0!

Here are the highlights. All the action from a Champions League thriller as Liverpool squandered a three-goal lead but recovered to beat Red Bull Salzburg 4-3 in the Champions League.

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After the game Jesse Marsch said this:

“We have seen we can play at this level, when we play our football, we always have a chance,” Marsch said. “I am very proud of the team and it is important that we learn from this evening.”

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