Lionel Messi’s Trick Penalty Kick

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Lionel Messi fakes likes he’s going to take the penalty kick but passes the ball to Luis Suarez. You might see this type of trick play in a friendly match but rarely, if ever, in a real live soccer game. Johan Cruyff has pulled it off but Henry and Pires tried it and failed when they tried to pull it off in a game.

Not sure how other teams are going to feel about this move passing of the penalty kick to another player. What it does though, is now whenever Messi steps up to take a penalty kick the keeper and the defenders are going to have to think about this trick penalty kick play that Messi and Suarez pulled off. Amazing.

Neymar said Lionel Messi’s penalty pass to Luis Suarez was supposed to go to him…what do you think?


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