Manucho Rejoins Manchester United

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Just when it seemed as though Manchester United would be short on forwards, they’ve added two and two with height at that.

The Red Devils added the Bulgarian Berbatov and the Angolan Manucho has rejoined the side, both players stand at 6 ft 2 inches – and it just might take two players to take the place of Ruud Van Nistelrooy from years past. Really though, both players seem like ingenious additions to an already stacked side.

Manucho is a bit of a surprise to many though, as he was loaned out to Greek side Panathinaikos since he was unable to attain a UK work permit this past year. But with the permit now in place, he’ll be unleashed upon EPL defenders.

Manchester United appeared to be low on goal scoring firepower upfront, with Saha leaving and Cristiano still out with his ankle injury, there shouldn’t be any worries now. Take a look at the Angolan below in this video. There’s a lot of celebrating of the Angolan people during the African Nations Cup, but the video still gives you a glimpse of what opposing EPL teams can expect.

Manucho looks a lot like Emmanuel Adebayor over at Arsenal, tall and skinny but wiry and strong. He will be a threat in the air for opposing teams, something Manchester United have lacked in recent years since Ruud left for Real Madrid.

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