Megan Rapinoe’s Game Winning Goal

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The Seattle Reign’s Megan Rapinoe, perhaps the best American soccer player in the league, scored the game winner to send her team into the NWSL final. However, when Rapinoe stole the soccer ball from the Washington Spirit defender Toni Pressley was it a foul? While the defender shouldn’t be dribbling and holding on to the ball in the back like that, it looks like Rapinoe takes her legs out from under her….

Even Rapinoe said she thought it was a foul after the game.

“I was surprised there wasn’t a foul called,” said Rapinoe of winning the ball against her defender. “I was like, ‘OK’ took a few touches and put my head down.” (Seattle Times)

What do you think? Here’s the game winning goal – Rapinoe rips a wonderful shot to the near post and the keeper doesn’t really have a chance. Rapinoe is unique in the women’s game because she takes defenders on, goes right at them. And she does the unexpected, you’re never exactly she where she’s going to pass or move. Which is what makes her such an elite level soccer player.

Watch Rapinoe’s game winner in the video below.

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