Lionel Messi Is A Tiki Taka Expert

Is there a soccer player that plays the soccer ball quicker than Messi? I don’t think so. Tiki Taka is the art of short, quick one and two touches passes, and Lionel Messi is an expert at it. The tiki taka style of soccer has been perfected by Messi and his club, Barcelona, especially under manager Pep Guardiola.

Here’s a compilation of Messi’s best passes and exchanges while he’s playing for Barcelona. While individually Messi is a genius, he’s also all about the team. And for Barcelona’s Tiki Taka style of football, it’s all about passing and moving, giving the soccer ball and getting it back when you have more time and space.

No Barcelona player wants to hog the ball or win individual awards, their main goal as a soccer club is to score goals and win games. That’s when they’re most happy. Just watch them celebrate as a team when they score.