Lionel Messi Wants to “Improve”

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Ok, this is a bit scary, Lionel Messi wants to only get better. He wants to “improve”. How can the greatest soccer player in the world improve? This drive and desire to want to improve is what made him the greatest footballer in the world. Messi has mentioned before that he wants to improve on taking penalty kicks and free kicks. And he has.

Messi: “Every new season I try to get better. Not in the number of goals, but as a player. I hope there’s still room for improvement”.

After a busy season has come to a close, it is worth looking back at the hard work that goes into an enduring campaign. In this case, we look at how Leo Messi, winner of the last Ballon d’Or prize, carries himself during training at the club’s facilities on a daily basis. From the effort he puts in and the quality he displays, it is easy to see how the no.10 is the best player on the planet. Enjoy!


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