Messi’s First Training Session with Inter Miami

He is here. The he and the here being the greatest footballer of all-time, Lionel Messi, in Miami. It’s a bit hard to believe, really. Messi playing in the United States in the MLS for Inter Miami. But it’s true and Messi just had his first training session with Inter Miami today.

Also, don’t forget that six months ago he won the World Cup for Argentina. And this was after losing the first game to Saudi Arabia. Remember that pass versus Holland?

While Messi is 36 years old, he’s healthy and injury free. Surely that’s why he’s been able to play soccer at such an extremely high level for so long – not having any serious knee injuries or the like.

Watch in the video below from ESPN FC as Lionel Messi trains with Inter Miami for the first time in front of the media. And don’t forget about Sergio Busquets training with Inter Miami for the first time as well! Busquets is no slouch at playing football! In fact, Busquets might have more of an impact on the team than Messi!

The player running alongside and chatting with Messi at the beginning is Venezuelan forward Josef Martínez. I think him and Messi will enjoying playing with one and another. Martinez reminds you a bit of Luis Suarez in how he plays and his overall quality and skill.

Of course the training session starts off with some rondos. With Messi right next to Busquets in his rondo group.

Yeah, that’s a helicopter you hear hovering over Messi’s first Inter Miami training session. I’d guess it might just be an Argentinean news outlet.

Lastly, looks like Inter Miami want to sign more former Barcelona stars. Both Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez could join Messi and Busquets in Miami.