The Messi Pass Versus Holland

Messi pass versus Holland will go down in World Cup history as one of the best. It’s just hard to see how Messi even sees the possibility for the pass. Charging forward with the ball he scans left and right and cuts the ball back to Molina. Messi’s vision on the field is well known. His eyes and they he sees this is unique.

Lionel Messi’s Vision: His Eyes Are NOT Normal

You might say the first half was slow until Lionel Messi found Nahuel Molina with this beautiful lead pass and Molina put it into the back of the net for the first Argentina goal. The soccer ball actually goes through Dutch defender Nathan Ake’s legs before arriving at Molina’s feet.

Was Messi intentionally trying to play the pass through Ake’s legs? It doesn’t seem like it. It’s all happening so fast, too. Ake is worried about Messi driving forward and maybe striking the ball on goal. He has no idea Molina is making a run behind him. But if you make the run Messi will find you.

When Messi has the ball at his feet it’s really hard to say what he’s going to do. Yes, he’d like to have the ball on his favored left but you just don’t know which direction he’s going to go or where he’s going to play the ball or if he’s going to shoot.

Lionel Messi now has the most World Cup assists in the knockout stages, since Opta started recording them in 1966 with five, overtaking Pele who had four.

Incredible to see what Messi is doing in the World Cup at 35 years of age. Hopefully he can finally get his World Cup trophy. Watch the incredible Messi no look pass to Molina versus Holland in the video below.