Messi’s Wonder Goal Versus Real Betis

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Messi Wide Angle Goal

In the image above, just look at how far away and near the edge of the box Messi is when he chips the soccer ball up and over the keeper. Even the Real Betis fans stood and chanted Messi’s name after this amazing goal. At this point, Messi’s Barcelona’s teammates are dumbfounded at some of the stuff he’s able to do on the soccer field.

It’s become routine for Messi to do amazing things on the soccer pitch but this goal I think even made his teammates eyes grow wide in amazement. What’s it going to be like when Messi is in his final year of playing the game?

Every stadium Messi visits will be even more packed with fans trying to witness the greatest to ever play the game. Players trying to exchange jerseys and take his shoes and socks….

It’s a genius chip shot by Messi. And don’t discount the perfect layoff by Ivan Rakitic, the weight of the pass enables Messi to chip the ball. I don’t think Rakitic thought Messi would try to score though. I think he laid the ball back to Messi softly so he could cross the ball.

Messi sees the keeper out a bit and not ready for the shot. He doesn’t follow through but sort of dinks the ball up and over the keeper from an incredible angle – wide, near the edge of the box. It’s almost like a cross to the far post yet Messi all along is trying to score.

And the poor goalkeeper, he did is utmost best, stretching as far as he could to try to tip the ball away….Here’s Ray Hudson’s call of Lionel Messi’s third goal versus Real Betis.

Here’s better video of the Real Betis fans cheering for Messi.

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