Gerrard Pique’s Back Heel Pass to Messi

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Pique, the back heel specialist? Lionel Messi got the final touch, but it was an incredible back heel assist from Gerard Pique that made the goal. Somewhere in the world Shakira is doing the waka waka or hips don’t lie dance. Watch how Cristiano Ronaldo falls to his knees unable to catch the little genius Lionel Messi. And Pique pulled off the back heel pass in the goal box.

Amazing that Pique, a defender, was that far up the field. Interesting how well it has worked out for Pique at Barcelona, which he left to go to Manchester United but didn’t find his footing and play that much. Now, at Barcelona, Pique is a key player who’s helped build Barca into a team that’s the envy of world football.

Here’s another Pique back heel pass. This time sort of risky back heel in the back against Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale.

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