Pogba Control & Nutmeg

Paul Pogba controls a high ball from going out of bounds and then nutmegs the defender who closes him down. Pogba has crazy skills with the soccer ball. I mean who has used the sole of their foot to bounce the ball over a defender before. The Manchester United and French midfielder plays the game with a certain ease that sometimes is misinterpreted as apathy.

But I think if Pogba has the support from his manager, he’ll perform and help the team win games. At times you wish Pogba would be just a bit more impactful, whether that’s via scoring goals or winning balls. Get stuck in more often. However, over the course of a game Pogba is worth having on the field because he’ll find that killer pass that leads to a goal.

Check out Pogba controlling the ball before it goes out of bounds and nutmegging the defender who closes him down.