Romelu Lukaku Missed Chances

Lukaku missed chances: I’m not sure how many times Romelu Lukaku missed scoring a clear chance for Belgium in their must win game versus Croatia. Lukaku smashed the post on one of his first chances to score when he just entered the game. Belgium just needed one goal to move on in the World Cup.

I guess you would call these chances sitters – just obvious goal scoring chances. Goal fails if you will. Where it’s easier to score a goal than miss. However, Lukaku proceeded to miss not one chance or two, but three or four chances.

Fox Soccer’s Clint Dempsey said in sympathy for Lukaku’s missed opportunities it comes down to being sharp and playing on a regular basis. Lukaku has had some injuries and hadn’t been playing for Belgium in the World Cup.

Lukaku missed an open goal with a header that went over the bar. And there was also a chance were a Croatian defender slide and cleared the ball at the last second to stop Lukaku from scoring.

Famously, at least for United States soccer fans, Chris Wondolowski is well known for an open goal miss in the World Cup.

The clearest and easiest chance he missed was when the soccer ball fell to his chest after the Croatia defender missed timed his header.

See the easiest of the Lukaku missed chances below.