What Soccer Shoes Does Samir Nasri Wear?

Samir Nasri Soccer Shoes

Right now, Nasri is wearing the adidas F50 adizero soccer cleats in the white colorway. And it seems like he’s going to continue to wear these shoes since he’s been playing so well.

I don’t know if he’s superstituous, but after scoring so many goals this year for Arsenal I don’t think he wants to switch the shoes he’s wearing or even the colorway. It looks like it’s going to be white shoes for the rest of the year. We’ll have to see though as the season goes along. He has been known to wear the black and yellow adizero shoes.

In the past, Nasri was compared to Zidane, as both players grew up in Marseille and come from families of Algerian lineage. Now it appears like Nasri is making that comparison seem like an apt one, as he’s terrorizing the EPL with his abilty to cut the ball and dribble at speed.

Video: adidas F50 adizero White/Black/Radiant Pink