Advertising Options on Soccer Training Info

Featured ad placements:

Currently we are offering a featured link on the top of ever page, except the homepage, for $200.00 per month. For example, see the featured links in blue at the top of this page.

Text ad options:

  • Hot links listings 1-7: $125 per month for link on all pages
  • Ad text blurb just below hot links with description on all pages: $200 per month
  • Homepage link, just below ‘penalty kick analysis’ (towards the bottom half of the page): $100 per month

Banner options:

  • 300×250 banner – top corner of all pages $350.00 per month
  • 160×600 banner – left side of all pages $225.00 per month
  • 300×250 banner – middle right side of all pages $250 per month
  • 160×600 banner – right side of all pages $200 per month
  • 300×250 banner – bottom right corner of all pages $175.00 per month

Featured Camps or Tournaments:

  • Camp listed at the top of all camp pages for $750 for one year.
  • Tournament listed at the top of all tournament pages for $750 for one year.

We prefer to book ads for three months and will offer discounts for longer term ad buys. We are open to creative types of advertising packages and other ideas you might want to suggest.

Please let us know the goals of your advertising campaign and we will do our best to implement or create a successful ad package for your site, product, and or company.

We like to keep our advertisers happy and have a number of regular advertisers.

Contact us with your proposal:

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